Sound Samples
We strive to have sound samples on as many products as possible.  With hundreds of thousands of products, it is impossible to have sound on all of them; however, if there is a title you'd especially like to hear that we do not have sound for, we will do our best to track down a sample for you. 

For our Elementary/Classroom Musicals, we generally try to put the sound samples on the Teacher Edition/Director Score component of each title. 

To listen to a sample, look for the Sound Sample icon below:                  

Also, please note that many of our Score Sample icons have links to audio as well:

All prices are subject to publisher revision.

If you are unsatisfied with any part of your purchase, you may return any or all items (excluding special-order items) in clean, resalable condition with a copy of the invoice enclosed for a refund of the purchased products.  All shipping costs are payable by the customer even if a partial or complete approval order is returned.

What is the difference between a Full Perf (Full Performance) CD and a Perf/Accomp (Performance/Accompaniment) CD?
A Full Performance CD is a "listening" CD of the actual performance with singing and dialogue.  The Performance/Accompaniment CD (or P/A CD) includes two tracks:  One is a recording of an actual performance with the singing and dialogue included; the other track is of the accompaniment only (no singing or speaking is included).  A Vocal CD includes the singing but not the speaking parts.

How do I know what is in a Performance Pak or Classroom Kit?
The items included in the Performance Paks, Classroom Kits, and other grouped products are described toward the end of each product's description.  Please note some publishers include the Perf/Accomp CD, but others do not.

Why can't I take CDs out on approval?
Whenever a CD is used, or even taken out of its case, there is a possibility that the CD may be scratched.  Once a CD is scratched, it's useless to anyone else.  We don't allow CDs to be sent out on approval simply because we wish to offer you only the highest quality product - they are not opened once we receive them from the publisher; the CDs we send to you are yours alone.  Because of this, we have sound samples of many of our products available on our website to give you an idea of what the songs for any given product sound like.  If there is a product you're interested in that does not have an audio sample, please call us - we should be able to get one online for you.  Also, please note that once CDs are opened (or seals for Book/CD kits are ripped), they are NOT returnable. 

Damaged Shipments
When visible or concealed damage is found please notify Popplers Music within 15 days of receipt of goods. Please retain all packaging material, container, and damaged goods and Popplers Music will send you a replacement.

What if I receive an incorrect or defective product?
Please inspect your order for incorrect items or manufacturer defects and report them to us within 15 days of receipt; we will promptly correct any mistakes made or replace materials that are defective.  These defective or incorrect items must be returned with a copy of the replacement invoice, and charges appearing on this new invoice will be deleted upon the receipt of these returned items.

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