Can I pay off my instrument early?

                Yes, you may pay off your instrument at any time.  There are no early payoff penalties”, and you may qualify to receive a discount on the purchase.  Ask a Popplers Music associate for more information.

  What else do I have to buy before my child can start playing?

                The short answer is nothing!  All instruments leased at Popplers Music come ready to play with all necessary accessories. We also include the basic method book that your school uses for lessons, and a music stand for home practice is available as part of the lease package.

What if my child quits?

                If your child decides band or orchestra is not for them, you may return the instrument at any time.  If your account is current, there are no fees or penalties involved. 

Do I need the repair and maintenance contract?

                Popplers offers an optional Repair and Maintenance service for your leased instrument.  For a small monthly fee, any accidental damage or necessary maintenance required on your instrument will be completed in our repair department at no additional charge. Musical instruments are delicate, and it is not uncommon for minor adjustments to be necessary from time to time. Accidental damage is always a risk, and often expensive to repair. Our Repair and Maintenance plan will give you the peace of mind that should service be required, Popplers will take care of it at no additional cost.

What is the difference between new” and gently used” instruments?

                Popplers offers quality instruments from established manufacturers. New instruments are always available, but we also have gently used instruments that have been previously leased and are in nearly new” condition.  The purchase price on these instruments is reduced, and while in some cases the monthly fee might be the same as a new instrument, the number of payments due until ownership is less. Our gently used instruments are a great value!

How long does it take to process my online rental?

                Once an online rental request has been submitted, you will receive a notification stating the lease will be processed within 72 hours.  Typically, leases are processed within 24 hours, however, that can vary depending on the time of year.  If you have a question or concern about the time frame of your lease submission, feel free to call us for more detailed information.

What happens if my child decides to switch instruments?

                The lease contract allows for the exchange of instruments within the first six (6) months of the lease within the same instrument family, e.g., clarinet for trumpet or viola for violin.  All lease credit earned up to that point would transfer from one instrument to the other.  If your child decides to switch instruments beyond six months, a new contract will need to be submitted.  If this situation arises, please contact the store for more details.

Do you offer lessons?

                Popplers Music offers lessons for a variety of instruments, including but not limited to guitar, piano, voice, woodwinds, brass winds, percussion, and strings.  Our teachers range from undergrad music education students to retired music teachers. Online virtual lessons are available as well. Please give us a call to get signed up today!

How are lease pool instruments cleaned prior to being leased a second time?

                Instruments that are returned are inspected by an instrument specialist and any needed service is completed in our repair department. Instruments are cleaned with proper disinfectant products and polished thoroughly.  All cases are cleaned, and accessory items are replaced and/or replenished.

Why should I rent?

                The number one reason to sign a lease-to-own contract from Popplers Music is you will receive a high-quality instrument that will last through your childs formative years. All of your lease payments are applied to the purchase of the instrument. Secondly, if your child decides not to continue with band or orchestra, you have the option to return the instrument and terminate the contract at any point.  And lastly, with our lease you have the option of our Repair and Maintenance service, which will cover any needed service and protect you from the cost of accidental damage to the instrument.

How do I return my instrument?

                An instrument may be returned to the store or you may leave it with the music director at your school.  If you choose the latter, notification to Popplers Music is a must.  Please see the return” link at the bottom of the previous page.

How do I pay for my instrument?

                When submitting an online lease request, all monthly charges will be debited from the credit or debit card entered during this process.  If a different card needs to be used, please contact our business office and we will update your information.